At, Action For Autism (AFA) we firmly believe that ALL individuals with autism can progress, irrespective of  the degree of their support needs or age, when provided with appropriate services that take into account the specific nature and needs of individuals with autism.

AFA offers a range of services to cater to the needs of people with autism and their families.

* The services provided are comprehensive, encompassing individuals across age groups (from very young children to adolescents to adults with autism) and across the spectrum of abilities (spanning those with very high to lower support needs).

* The AFA services accommodate for individual requirements, including those of people in a mainstream environment, a specialized one or even if the person primarily stays at home.

* In addition our programs take into consideration the particular needs and constraints of the families of the individuals. The services are geared towards both families who can attend the programs on a regular basis and for those who can access services intermittently - for example, those who live in far flung areas of Delhi or in other parts of the country.

All the AFA services are designed with a solid understanding of autism, one that keeps pace with the evolving nature of the same worldwide. The services incorporate internationally recognized ‘best practices’ which are also often modified and adapted to suit the Indian context. And, the central goal that prevails in each of the services offered is to help the person with autism lead a productive, dignified and happy life. To ensure the best use of your time we do recommend that you seek an appointment in advance. For an appointment or further information on any programme or service/ services that may be of interest to you, please Contact Us.

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