Autism Network Journal

Autism Network, the journal published by us since 1994, is a part of AFA's efforts to make relevant information about autism available to many.

By bridging the gap between the rest of the world and India, The Autism Network is an invaluable source of information for those who deal with the condition in our country. The focus is on autism in our cultural context while including information from around the globe. The journal aims to bring together parents and professionals from different regions and backgrounds to share their experiences and knowledge.

Autism Network is a forum for expressing diverse opinions; we are not responsible for opinions expressed by individual writers. We hope you will find these articles helpful and interesting, you are welcome to print these journals for your own use. We make them available for free, but if you find them helpful or would like to receive a print copy, please consider showing your support for our work through a subscription or donation.

To view a complete issue, use the drop down menu below and select the year of interest. There are three issues per year. We also have issues from 2001 and earlier in PDF form, available upon request.