ANANDA – Assisted Living for Adolescents and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Ananda is a home. It is home to adults with developmental disabilities – Autism and Intellectual Disabilities, and to neurotypical ‘Assists’ where both groups lead fulfilling everyday lives. Located in a pollution-free rural community 30 minutes from the HUDA Metro Station, Gurgaon, Ananda nestles in the picturesque backdrop of the Aravalli.

At Action For Autism (AFA) we strongly believe that individuals with developmental disabilities must live with their families. But we are also keenly aware of the need for long-term support for adults when parents age or pass away, and the family support system is no longer available. There is an urgent need for living options that can ensure individuals with autism a life of dignity in their adult and senior years, that are professionally run and sustainable, and which can act as catalysts for the creation of more such services. Hence, Ananda is a place for lifelong stay. However, Ananda also welcomes adolescents and adults for short stay in times of need: a medical situation in the family, travel that the person with disability does not wish to join in, etc, or just to give our adults a break from their families.

Residents at Ananda lead structured and busy lives. On weekdays residents go to the Workplace. Here they are busy at activities matched to their skills. This includes working at craft items, weaving, computer and office skills, and work on the extensive grounds - planting, weeding, raking. There is a gym and physical activities. Residents also help out with chores at home, based on their ability and interests.
Most importantly they learn happy and independent functioning.

Ananda also holds educational programs – computer and English-speaking classes – for children, and health camps for the surrounding villages. True to our philosophy, Ananda is creating an environment that respects diversity and provides a life of dignity and respect where each in individual contributes to the best of their potential.

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