Aahaan, the publication division of Action For Autism (AFA), is committed to disseminating information and resources about autism. The key audiences for these resources are parents, family members, and professionals in India and South Asia. With this in mind, the information and resources are available in English and in Indian languages
The Autism Network
Numerous autism journals are available from the U.S., U.K., Australia and other Western countries, but these publications are only partly relevant to families in India, where services, education, health and legal issues are vastly different. Autism Network, the AFA journal, has been in publication since 1994, to make relevant information about autism available to many.

Books & Manuals
Paediatrician guide and materials
AFA has published the guide "Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Paediatricians in India". This straightforward booklet is a compilation of questions that are frequently asked during the period leading up to and just after a diagnosis of autism, and is based on data collected from paediatricians in India. For information about changes in paediatrician beliefs between 1998 and 2008, see our Research page.

Download Book Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Paediatricians in India
Download Poster Watch for Signs of Autism: Detect Early (Hindi)
Download Poster Watch for Signs of Autism: Detect Early (English)

Resources in Indian Languages
There is a critical need for additional material about autism in Indian languages. AFA has developed some of these materials. See a list of Resources in Indian Languages.

Resource Centre
There is very little information available about autism in India. Because of the prohibitive cost of books related to autism, the majority of families are not able to obtain all the information they would like through printed sources. Though the internet has been of immense help to families to gather information, access to the internet remains sparse amongst many families, especially those from smaller towns and rural areas.

*In order to give parents and professional access to printed material and books on autism, AFA obtains current and relevant books and journals, published both internationally as well as in India and makes them available. The AFA resource centre currently has a collection of over a hundred titles of autism-related books and academic journals.
*In addition, the resource centre maintains files on autism-related topics,conference proceedings and newsletters from abroad, historical information, and popular media articles on autism.
*The library also has a facility for parents and professionals to watch educational videos on various aspects of autism.
*For those living outside Delhi, photocopies relating to certain topics and compiled information packets as per individual needs can be made available upon request.Please contact us.