Some testimonials of our past volunteers:

“Time goes by and already comes the time to say goodbye.  Goodbye to a staff that in no time made me feel like I was part of it!  It feels good to work among nice people who all have the same respectful objective: help people with autism become more independent and increase their quality of life!  This creates a nice energy and I was proud to be a part of your team for 2 months!

I found it beautiful to realize that anywhere in the world, even though I was so far away from my home, I could recognize in the eyes of people the love for kids with disabilities and the desire to teach them.

I came here for a little more than 2 months, which is a short period.  I sadly didn't have enough time to share about my ideas and the different methods weuse in Canada, but I will certainly keep in touch and continue corresponding with you when I'll be back in my class next year! 

I'll never forget my experience at AFA; this will remain in my memory forever.  And I'll be proud to wear my yellow AFA t-shirt back in Montreal!”

Sophie Paquin, Canada
AFA volunteer Oct-Dec 2010

“I was so impressed by how organized and structured the whole set up is. All these ‘home made’ materials do a wonderful job, and the teachers, trainees, assistants are so professional. I learned about how to approach a child / teenager with autism. I knew nothing about this condition when I arrived and I feel so much the richer for having done it. It opened a door for me. These children gave me a lot. I came here because I wanted to serve a good cause, but I received much more than I gave.”

Michele Hawkes, France
AFA volunteer- March 2011

“It was a wonderful experience for me to see a viewpoint on autism different from the Western mindset that I was familiar with. I love the passion that everyone has about autism and how unique AFA is in its services, missions, vision and structure. AFA is an extraordinary pioneering organization whose environment and staff would make anyone want to volunteer and spread awareness for autism.”

Divya Seth, USA
AFA volunteer-July 2011

I volunteered for a year as a Speech and Language Therapist with Action for Autism in conjunction with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

Initially Delhi wasan explosion of heat, noise and craziness and my first few weeks were a steep learning curve. The aim of my placement was to strengthen the organisation's service delivery by providing speech and language therapy to individuals with autism and to share skills with families, teachers and staff.

It took awhile to find my feet, but everyone at AFA was extremely welcoming, helpful and very enthusiastic. After a month or two I settled into a busy routine. I moved between the different services offered by AFA. Mondays and Fridays I met with the adults with autism attending Aadhaar, a vocational centre, for “discussion time”. On Thursdays I spent time with families and children who were attending the parent-child training programme, a three-month programme during which a group of parents train together, gaining a greater understanding of their children and autism. I worked collaboratively with the teachers to support them in their work, focusing on the development of communication skills.

During my year with Action for Autism, I learnt new ways of working, met great people and came home with renewed enthusiasm for my job. I was proud to have made some contribution to the progressing of services for individuals with autism in India and to have worked with inspirational people who will tirelessly continue this work.

By the end of my volunteering placement I left feeling that Action for Autism was my second home, full of friends and fun! I can’t wait to someday return!
If you are reading this and considering volunteering with Action for Autism I highly recommend it!


Maeve McCutcheon, Ireland
VSO Volunteer, 2011- 2012


It was an immense amount of learning and a valuable exposure that I had at AFA.
I walked in to spend a little time with kids and that little turned out to be more than a year and half!
The amount of work and insight that goes into work delivers amazing results and is there for everyone to see. The painstaking systems and processes are individually designed with much foresight and the children enjoy as they work on them and learn.
The committed staff and dedicated team with loving children makes the environment at AFA a cherished one.

It was a pleasure being there and I wish the organisation the very best.

Shaivalini Singh