Parent child training programme

To date, more than 450 mothers throughout India have received training through the Parent Child Training Programme. Over the years, the programme has evolved but we believe that one thing has stayed very consistent: Parents emerge from the programme with a deeper understanding of their children and equipped with a sense of confidence and empowerment. Below are some of the comments we have received from parents.

"It has helped me as a mother to understand and communicate with my child. While theoretical stuff is available in plenty, this programme is application based. Through actual observation and feedback given, I have learnt the alternative ways of teaching."
~Mother of a 3 ½ year old child.

“My greatest learning has been the belief that if we persevere with our child we will be able to work wonders with him. The ‘never give up’ lesson is the most important one.”

“Before I joined AFA I was unaware completely of how to handle S. But now the changes which I see in myself is-

1.      At what time I should give attention with him and how to deviate his mind from the things which he is rigid with.

2.      Now I can manage his daily routine easily. Before that I was doing it, but the response was not good.

3.      Nowadays I can understand that most of the work like feeding, dressing, toilet and his personal work will be done by S. son only. If he has trouble, then and then only, I have to help him.

4.      Earlier everything that had to be done with S was like a daily routine for me but now this is my challenge to have him out from this autism.”

“I have become more confident about my son and how to do different activities with him, how to understand him in a better way and it has strengthened my relationship with him. Thanks a lot. I am so much in peace with life now. I would love to go through Mother-Child again.”

“If anyone really wants to know about our children, I would tell them, definitely go to AFA.”

“I am able to understand autism better by attending the programme. It helped me understand A better and helped me know how to keep A happy. I learnt how to teach and how to change his behaviours. My patience has developed a bit better after attending the progarmme. Previously I was irritated with A’s behaviour, which has reduced. I learnt to accept my child as he is.”

“At AFA, I learnt to understand my child better, accept her unconditionally as she is and also learnt how to work and interact with my child so that she becomes more functional and happier.”

“I would describe AFA as a haven of acceptance for your kid and most importantly, for you.”

“After joining the programme, I have understood Autism more. I have become more confident that I have to work for my kids for their better lives. I am accepting them more. Through this programme, I am able to understand my other family members more than earlier. I got information regarding what I have to teach my son in the future. I learnt that connecting with a child is very, very important before teaching him. I learnt how I can connect myself with my child.”

“AFA gives all the information about autism and helps you to solve your problems associated with autism.”

“Like a home away from home, I feel extremely comfortable and safe here.”