To be as independence and self reliant as one can be is vital for an adult's enhanced self-esteem, well-being and productive future. All the learning and activities across our lifespan this. Guiding individuals on the autism spectrum towards an independent, self relaint has always been a primary focus at AFA, and we offer some unique programmes that facilitate the same.

Leaps and Bounds -Move towards self-reliance

‘Leaps and Bounds’ is a unique training program using ‘best practices’ to help an adolescent or young adult with autism be independent and move towards self-reliance in vital skill areas. This is done using learning modes like role modeling, to-do lists, work systems and power point presentations on the skill being targeted. The program comprises of 4 individual modules and each module has 4 sessions. The modules are:

  • Cooking in a kitchen; preparing things that require the use of a gas flame, as well as those which do not.
  • Daily living skills-like washing clothes & utensils, folding clothes, packaging vegetables storage in a the refrigerator, making beds, etc.
  • Free time and unstructured leisure time, where the youngsters are encouraged to occupy themselves in an activity of their choice and be engaged in the same for an extended amount of time.
  • Navigating etiquette or learning the code of good social behavior, like saying ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me’, exchanging pleasantries, and other socially appropriate behaviours.

Self- advocacy programme

One of the strongest forms of advocacy is self-advocacy, where people speakfor themselves, and advocate for their needs and rights from their own perspective, to the best of their abilities. It is about having the right to make life decisions without undue influence or control by others.

There arevery few autism self-advocates worldwide, given the fact that even very functionally able people with the condition often have difficulties in expressing their feelings and needs precisely. This often results in the specific needs of people with autism getting overlooked or bypassed in advocacy forums, since people may not understand the condition well enough, or where there may be self-advocates of other conditions who are more vocal and/or more articulate.

There is therefore, a burning need to promote self-advocacy in people with autism, to provide them with a platform, a means to have a ‘voice’, to express their specific difficulties and needs, to advocate for equal rights, and most importantly to be aware of their ‘rights’.

The Self Advocacy Programme aims to encourage active participation of adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum, empower them as dynamic citizens, make them aware of their role in creating their own future, and promote their equal rights and opportunities. The programme entails getting young people with ASD to meet in small groups on a regular basis, and discuss the challenges they face in everyday life and help them learn about their rights, campaigning and active citizenship.

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