DONATE Materials

We use a variety of materials, equipment, and devices to teach communication, social skills, play and leisure skills, academic skills, to enhance independence and/or work as motivators. You may choose to donate items mentioned in the ‘AFA Wish List’ (below) or through 'Amazon'. So please do look through your cabinets before throwing anything away!
Action for Autism has partnered with Amazon India for an in-kind donation program catering to NGOs like us called The Amazon Gift a Smile program. Here we have created our own wish list of products (like sensory equipment, toys, music systems etc.) available on the Amazon website. This wish list has been displayed on Amazon’s landing page and is visible to everyone who visits the website of Amazon and intends to fulfil our wish. 


Some of the things that are useful for our work are included in The AFA Wish List. However, please feel free to donate things NOT INCLUDED in the Wish List as well. We assure you that everything you donate will be put to good use.

AFA Wish list

  • Apartment / House for Residence for people with Autism
  • Indoor swing sets, plastic slide, see-saw
  • Computer games, XBox Kinect, Video games
  • Computers, laptops or iPads / tablets for teaching cognitive and social skills
  • Computer accessories like keyboards, mouse, speakers, adapted mouse, colour coded keyboards, headphones, monitor etc.
  • Printer, colourprinter, scanner
  • LCD projector for parent training
  • Digital Video Camera to record children’s progress
  • Trampolines
  • Music systems (CD players, MP3 players, iPods) and musical instruments
  • Appliances such as microwave for teaching daily living / cooking skills, hot and cold water dispenser
  • Gym balls, Footballs, Basket-balls, ropes, yoga mats
  • Stationary: Sketch pads, pens, pencils, geometry sets, note pads, diaries, box files, blu tags, sticky back Velcro, glue sticks, regular files, chart paper, A4 sheets, crayons, Acrylic paints, scissors etc.
  • Recyclables- Glossy Magazines, shoe boxes, newspapers, empty take away food cartons, chocolate boxes, mithai boxes etc.