It was year 2012 I joined the course here naming diploma in special education (ASD) at AFA after pursuing my graduation from Miranda House Delhi university.
It's been two years it was really a nice experience .I had settled in well into my studies and it was easy to embrace my belief for the course. Working with kids has taught me a lot and made me so patient. It's just entirely different experience.
This year my course ends and I am taking all what I learnt from here it was amazing to be here and less student life and now turned me into fine special educator I am really thankful and obliged to my mentors, guides, and teachers.

Experience in AFA

 I still remember I came to AFA for interview. I was scared and nervous. I gave my interview and was selected for the special educator course. I was little bit scared because I have come to new country and had to meet new people.  My first placement was in Aadhaar vocational center and I was afraid because I had never worked with the adult with autism before. I did not know how to interact with them but slowly day passed out I started knowing with help of the teachers in Aadhaar. Teachers and my senior helped me a lot to work with the adults. First I felt difficult and then as day passed I felt good. In every three month placement would be changed but my changed in six months. I went to PCTP and then different classes. It was different and wonderful experience in all placements.  My experience in AFA was good but sometime it was hard too. I got to experience with all differently able people. Every individual are different and got to know more about autism in my two year course. I got to meet new people, friends and teacher. I got experience to work with people with autism. I learnt more and got a chance to learn from the teacher, senior and friends. So I would like to thank AFA for providing me great opportunities for doing this Diploma course in special educator in ASD.