AFA Governing Body

Ramamani Sundar * President
Merry Barua * Member
Reeta Sabharwal * Secretary
Ashwani Chaswal * Member
Madhu Chawla Member
Shubhra Gupta * Member
Deepak Verma * Member
Dr Vibha Krishnamurthy Member
Gopal Kale * Treasurer
Indrani Basu * Member
Beena Prithveeraj * Member
Rajat M Nag Member
Roopendra Narayan Roy Member
Dr Shubhangi Vaidya * Member

* Parent of a person with Autism.Being a parent led organisation, some of the members of AFA’s governing body are also parents of persons with disability.
*As per policy of the organisation, none of the governing body members are related to each other.
*The governing body is elected every two years.

AFA Ethics Committee

Name Designation / Discipline Sex
Dr Nandita DeSouza Medical Professional Female
Pawan Sinha Professor, Researcher Male
Dr Vibha Krishnamurthy Medical Professional, Researcher Female
Reeta Sabharwal Director –Finance & Operations Female
Kanika Satyanand Representative of non-governmental voluntary agency Female
Joseph Vellapally Legal Expert: Supreme Court Lawyer Member Male
Dr Tamara Daley Researcher Female
Ramamani Sunder Economist Researcher Female
Mona Rai Member Secretary Female
Col TN Baba Deputy Chairperson Male
Dr Shubhangi Vaidya Chairperson Social Scientist Female