In the Individualized Educational Programme, a special educator works one-on-one with the child, on a regular on-going basis, one or more times a week as determined by the parents.

*The sessions are to meant to provide holistic inputs and teach a variety of skillsdepending on the current needs of the child. The skills taught would include communication, aspects of social and play skills, cognitive and academic skills, prevocational and vocational skills.

*Ample time is spent on the child bonding and building a connection with the special educator to ensure that the learning process is an enjoyable experience for the child, versus a coercive one.

*Parents are encouraged to observe the sessions. Each session is followed by a discussion with the parent / family member who accompanies the child and observes the session. The discussion covers the activities that have been undertaken in the session, the child’s general progress, as well as any questions that the family may need to discuss. This ensures that there is clarity in the family’s understanding of the needs of the child, the work being done with him/her and the same can be continued in the home environment as well.

*This programme is attended by children in regular schools needing additional support, children preparing for mainstream schooling, children in special needs setup requiring further inputs, children who are being home schooled, and children who are not receiving any other special education inputs.

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